Cash & Soulja Join Forces On New Mixtape!!

Soulja and Cash are known for collaborating on tracks. If you look through either artist discography you'll see that these two show up in each other's discography since the beginning of time almost. But, it has been a long time that Soulja and Cash have collaborated on a entire mixtape together though.

The last mixtape these two collaborated on was "Blood Money" mixtape which was released in 2009. Well, here is that promised sequel mixtape; that Soulja and Cash promised a while back. We spoke with Soulja about the mixtape briefly. He only gave few details into the mixtape, but with a steady stream of music coming from the mixtape. That gives the listeners a good idea that this mixtape is not going to be like the original.

Soulja says "This mixtape kind of just happened. Cash dropped his "Life of Sin" mixtape which I had the pleasure of being part of. And, that's what really started this mixtape. Cash had a few songs I really enjoyed, and felt like I should have been on. I remixed them, started making new music, sending it to Cash. And, one day I was like "Blood Brothers" that's the title. Told Cash, and he was down with it. Since then, we've been working on it. Its taking a little longer cause Cash is working on his projects, and I'm still working on my album. But, its almost to complete."

At this moment, the people are waiting.. Lets see what "Blood Brothers" will give the people when it drops.

Check some of the tracks below off the upcoming mixtape 

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