Emergency Q&A Plus Download Link

What features Can You expect on "Emergency 4”?
The features I got are crazy for this mixtape, I went all the way out for this mixtape.
I got Soulja Corleone , Killa T, Modd EZ Lajapp, Yung Rocky, Couch Potato, Sunny D, and Adam Lobb. What’s funny about the mixtape is it was suppose to have no features but one thing lead to another and you know it happens. All the records are crazy though. I can say that this mixtape is truly amazing and will knock you off your feet. 

How did you come up with you’re lyrics for this project?

I was checking out some of my older mixtapes and I came across the emergency series.
The concepts behind all the mixtapes in that series were all dope. The thing about it is I believe when i dropped vol 3 it was just for the heck of it and it was like I forgot the reason why I did the emergency series mixtapes. Back in 08 when I went to the hospital not for anything crazy lol but it motivated me to put out more of my best work. 

Whats Next?

I might drop a few videos for some of the songs. I recorded my vocals for “Green Light 2” which is a mixtape I am working on with Adam & Pechi. Other than that I think its bout time I took a break away from music for a little while after this. 

Time off?
Yeah just a few months off then I’ll be right back at like I never left. I got a few artists under Money Gang dropping though so I won't be completely be off the radar

Label Home?

Im still with SDIMG  and still got my label money gang. That’s about it for right now.

Anything else?
Download That Emergency 4 Mixtape Its Dope Ya Heard!

Download Links Here 

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