New Single "Built For This"(Ft. 7 Digitz)

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"Here we have a creative style hip hop rap sound that is strongly influencing and creative. The rapper comes in right away with his amazing ability to develop a rhyming sound that captures the listener's attention right away. He has an awesome style, and his ability to rhyme and keep the pace is perfectly impacting and powerful. The tone in his voice is exciting sounding, he is on key with the music; his ability to change pitches with the chord shifting is perfect and he flows fluently, and then another lower tone male rapper comes in perfectly, and he enforces the sound and adds to the accompaniment that keeps it interesting and diverse. Along with that, the keyboard playing is very colorful and the phrasing sounds of the playing are unique and cool sounding, and the drums and bass are also right on target too. And, then the main rapper comes back in strong to carry the music on out into a very memorable conclusion. On the production end, the audio engineer did a great job of balancing the levels and everything is clear. Great job! It's a hit!" - Tunecore A&R

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