013 Facts On #HottestOuttahudson

013 Facts On #HottestOuttahudson

1- Both "Street Love" & "Fight 4Me" were recorded in 2012 , However Carly's vocals were done this year.

2- Producer B-rokx (ABC Jams Producer / Prod. of "Life of the party") helped selecting which tracks made #Hottestouttahudson
hand picking which tracks should go on and which tracks to be taking off. Some of the tracks that didn't make it were : "Not Now" , "Vice Grip [Remix]", "Catch Up" , "Bombs" , & "Turn Up (nothing like us)".

3- "Pusssha" was a track for Destine but emailed her the wrong track (Fail!! lol) but still a good outcome.

4- The verses from "Heard about me" & "UGLY" were originally wrote to "Mobb Deep's - Quite Storm" & "Souls of Mischief - 93 & 39til Infinity".

5- Came up with the name #hottestouttahudson randomly in a freestyle.

6- The cover uses the same star banner as 50 Cent's  "50 cent is the future" mixtape.Which is an is ode to 50 cent for making mix tapes the most effective way to promote underground artist.

7- The Last song recorded for the mix tape was "Wrong Impressions"

8- Only has 3 features.

9- Majority of the mix tape was done in a two week period 

10- Had a sore throat during the final days of recording, which is why my voice is so raspy in the intro and in some of the songs. lol

11- The same art work of me on the cover was use on two of my past albums " Eyez of envy" & "Express"

12- Da Killa In Disguize (the host) has hosted other mix tapes of mine in the past such as money gang vol 2, and the rebound mixtape with Legend.

13-  Only had 13 tracks because of the year 2013.

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