Recreation Updates, Status of MG, & Future Plans! (More after the break)

What’s up everyone, hope your all enjoying the weather, I been up to a few new projects so I just want to keep you guys updated. I'm currently working on my album "Recreation" which will be my first official album to hit iTunes and Amazon. The album is only going to cost 10 bucks. So don't be cheap make sure to support. The album is just about done. However I am re-recording it at a studio so it won't be out as fast as I had hoped but none the less you can expect it to drop this summer. Another thing that I would like to addresses is; no I did not diss anybody in MG (Money Gang) on my last mix tape.

 There seems to be rumors or misconceptions but I just wanted to clear that up. All is well with them you can look forward to more solo projects coming from them as well so when we decide to regroup you guys can appreciate it more as we come full circle. I’m still rocking with YBG, ain't nothing change. Shout to Legend and Hollywood for just killing their show in Canada holding the team down. Look out for Soulja's Ep that’s dropping soon. Also get ready for Rocky’s mix tape that he's working on. Also 7-Digitz is making his comeback this year with his new album so you guys can also look forward to that.
 Also, I know you guys have been wondering why I Haven't dropped the second single off my album yet, its coming soon I think you guys are going like it. Matter fact I know you guys are going to love it. Right now it is all about timing so you guys can expect to hear that real soon I don't want to give too much away. Stay tuned (((((C@$h)))))  


  1. Yo you need to put Raw Deal on your drank.

  2. Keep up the good work. I'm very proud of you. You and Ashely are making it happen. Love you Dad