L3GEND x The Kid x Yung Rocky x Ca$h x Soulja Corleone as YBG "Gettin' All That"

Ca$h teamed up with his fellow label mates as the new group YBG, or better known as "Young, Blessed, and Gifted" for a new track from the upcoming mixtape for the group which is self entitled.

The new track contains verse from the long forgotten L3GEND who has been MIA for a while, along with his comrade The Kid, and follow up verses from Yung Rocky, and Ca$h.

Although Soulja Corleone is featured on the song, he only provides a hook, and not a verse. It seems as if Ca$h has been busy lately with this group mixtape. His own group Money Gang, and his solo mixtape.

Which projects will drop first? No one knows, but from the looks of it. The YBG self entitled mixtape will be dropping soon. Check out the new track that was released today entitled "Gettin' All That" below.

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