Ca$h x Soulja Corleone "Flood the Club"

Ca$h teams up with Soulja Corleone again for another track thats going to be a banger for the summer. Entitled "Flood the Club" from Ca$h's soon to be released mixtape "Wish Me Luck" which has no release date yet. But, is definitely on the way.

It already seems as if Soulja Corleone is going to feature on the mixtape. And, from the recent talk of a new group that Ca$h has became part of. It seems as if some features will come from the members of YBG (Young, Blessed, and Gifted) besides Soulja.

So check the single "Flood the Club" and keep your ears open for "Wish Me Luck" when it drops.

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  1. i like it , is really very professional keep it up soon I'll see you on TV so successfully cool music man