Ca$h is a North American recording artist/singer/ song writer that was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1989. Throughout the 1900s - 2000's was inspired by such artist as tupac,eazy e,eminem,snoop dogg,50 cent,T pain,and the neptunes. At home grew up as an only child who listen to all kinds of music in his spear time,including with cassette tapes, Mp3's, LPs and CDs. From 2004-2008 Ca$h spent most of the time writing down lyrics and focusing on school. Music was a way to channel his inner thoughts and release them in a positive way.In 2008 Ca$h attended Devry University where he brought his first mic in the book store. After that the rest was history. From 2009-2010 Ca$h upgraded his recording software and begin recording with his new label "SDIMG" after being recurited by another up and coming artist rapper Soulja Corleone (Ceo of SDIMG). He began working with other rappers such Legend,Kidd,& Yung Rocky. in late 2009 he released his first album "Eyez of Envy". In 2011 he released his second album "Express". Ca$h Currently has his own label now as well which is "Money Gang".Stay tune for news on Ca$h!
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